Week 14

  • Free Form
    • Brief presentations of prototypes
    • Individual meetings & small-group work


  • Free Form
    • Complete your visualization and prepare to present it at our final class meeting in two weeks.
  • Everything else
    • Make sure any changes you’ve made to your earlier projects have been committed and pushed to github. If there are multiple project folders for a given assignment and it's unclear which is the ‘real’ final copy, please rename its folder to start with final.
    • Add photos of all your non-digital sketches and mock-ups to the process folder for each assignment and update the README.md file in the directory to link to/describe them.
    • If you haven't committed a copy of your research presentation to the 0.research folder in the repository, please do so.
    • I’ll be assigning grades based on the contents of the work directory on the server (which updates itself from your repositories every 15 minutes). Check that the copy of your folder that’s mirrored there is up-to-date by the final class meeting.
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