Week 10

  • Presentations
    • Sejin on Jer Thorp
  • Reading #2: Subtleties of Color
    • To actually use your newfound understanding of color, start looking into using chroma.js in your sketches
      • Note the use of the .hex() method to convert from chroma’s color representation to p5’s on line 23 of this example
    • If the chroma.js library is too heavyweight for your needs, take a look at my brewer palette generator and see if you find it easier to use. Consult this catalog to find the name of the palette you want.


  • A Thousand Suns
    • Create three code-based sketches exploring your chosen design direction for depicting the testing data and your candidate representations of the external data you’ve collected.
    • Focus your coding efforts on presenting the testing data. As it takes shape, refine the pencil sketches that deal with integrating your external data source. Continue cleaning and formatting that data so it presents values in precisely the form you need from a drawing standpoint. Take some first steps toward drawing your external data with code as well.
    • If you end up modifying an SVG generated by your p5 code (or exported from Google Sheets), place a PDF of your modified version in the process folder and update the process/README.md file with a description of what it depicts. Make sure you choose a filename for the PDF that makes it clear which .js file it was derived from.
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