Look at Data (Branden JiHoon Choi)

This article starts talking about whatever the circumstance is a data visualization to be looked at by someone. It also says Data visualization is not just image making but, it is about who, how, and why it is looked at. Visual perception is most important factor to consider. Data visualization is showing relationship between data and human perceptions. If we make this into simple steps it would be; data, perception, interpretation, and graph construction.

Because the field is about perception and interpretation, miss interpretation can easily happen. However, even with such a big risk of data visualization, It is still the best tool to show people data. Show casing data in visual form is more rememberable for human, who are visually trained than any other senses that we have. Visuals help us to find relationships between things. If graphic are honestly harnessed data visualization can be important tool for communication in human society. Making sure not to lean on perception too much is key to make honest decisions while we are making data into visuals.

Tufte says excellence is needed both in Data and Design. Giving viewers great number of ideas in the shortest time, with list ink, and in smallest space. It is most important that the graphic says the truth.

The reading mainly talks about how tools like position, color, illusion, value, length, angles, area, tilt, depth, curvature, volume, motion, shapes, and scale are all useful. However, these tools are sensitive on the circumstances they are used in. depending on what tools are used where the results can turn out extremely different.

I think this article is to open the thoughts for us and that is why it is very vague about things. word choices like bad, good, honest, taste are used often, which makes the article uncritical. However, important thing that it tells us is that we need to be really careful on our decision making when we design graphics to represent data to be truthful and effective.

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