Nothing but a Number (week 2)

Size and Texture

My number, 82, is the percentage of a man's earnings that a woman earns on average based on statistics on the gender pay gap in 2019. This would mean than men earn 18% more than woman on average but in some professions, the gap is wider. In this poster, I have tried to compare 82% to 15%, which is the percentage of a male NBA player's earnings that a female WNBA player earns.  The Pay Gap Is Way Too Entrenched To Be Solved By Women Alone                                                             Examining the Gender Pay Gap in Elite Sports

Size and Hue

Here, I have tried to compare the average earnings of women based on race (Caucasian, African-American and Hispanic) to the average earnings of women in general as a percentage of the average earnings of men. This lays emphasis on how much wider the gap can become based on race.


In this poster, I have attempted to depict the reasons for the gender pay gap and how they compare to the actual pay gap. The Pay Gap is Way too Entrenched to be Solved by Women Alone.


This poster compares the gender pay gap overtime, that is, the value in 1980 versus the value in 2018. It shows that although there has been an improvement in the past 3 decades, the gap still does exist and it may take another 3 decades for it to be bridged. The Narrowing, but Persistent, gender gap in Pay.


This poster represents the Gender Pay Gap against the Gender Ratio of the world.


In this poster, I have tried to make a comparison between the gender pay gap and the gender inequality in Student debt values. Nearly two-thirds of student debt is held by women. The attempt is to use shape to convey that women incur higher student loan debt after college and lower pay at work. Thus, it becomes harder for women to be able to clear loan debt. Women's Student Debt Crisis in the United States.


This poster compares the gender pay gap estimated based on men and women woking full-time and year-round in a given year to the value calculated by considering all kinds of working arrangements over a 15-year period. This study was conducted in order to take on a more wholistic approach towards calculating the gender pay gap by taking into account different labor markets and how they affect economic status. The Gender Wage Gap is much Worse than you Think.

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