7 Numbers


An article about tricks to use in order to increase the battery life of iPhones. My number is 10.               Low Power? How to extend your iPhone's battery life



Debating the myth surrounding eating post 6pm and analyzing the health-related impacts.                                                                                                                                          Is That ‘Don’t Eat After 6 P.M.’ Rule Legit or Nah?


A study by The World Health Organization on the average availability of drinking water and sanitation in the world.                                                                                            


A study from FiveThiryEight on gender pay gap. My number is 82%.                                                                   The Pay Gap Is Way Too Entrenched To Be Solved By Women Alone


An nbc news source that highlights the dire state of student debt among college students in America. My number is 1.5 trillion which is the total amount of money owed.  These five charts show how bad the student loan debt situation is.              


An article from FiveThirtyEight that shows which Democratic Presidential Candidate's name was mentioned most in the news over the last week.


A study by The New York Times that discovered that Diet Soda or artificially-sweetened beverages are 26% more likely to cause people to die prematurely than any other beverage. Death by Diet Soda?

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